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swordplay - paperwork

$10.00 USD - $25.00 USD

Paperwork is Swordplay’s first album since relocating from Richmond, VA to Berkeley, CA to study law. Over the past four years, he has gone from filling out law school applications to becoming one of the few emcees to graduate with a juris doctor. Written entirely during the same time period, Paperwork is an album documenting that process. Lyrically, it could read like a personal statement far exceeding the word limits imposed by college admissions offices. Or perhaps a eulogy for America.

The 12" lathecut option is a limited edition six song EP version (Time for Law; I Barely Know How to Dress Myself; Soviet Television; Oh, Sila; Creature of the 80’s; Rabbits in the Hole). Clear, single-sided 12” lathe cut vinyl in stereo and each copy will come with a unique, one-of-a-kind handmade piece of art or poem.

Cassette tape is the full 11 song album.

All songs produced by Fat Milk / Erik Akers (ASCAP), except for track 01 by PT Burnem; tracks 02 and 06 by OneWerd / Tyler Webb (BMI); and track 07 by Swordplay with Fat Milk.

All lyrics written by Swordplay / Isaac Lyons Ramsey (ASCAP) except for track 05 written with Squalloscope, and track 06 written by BRZOWSKI / Jason A Cornell (ASCAP) & New England Gothic Works Vinegar (ASCAP)

Mixed and mastered by OneWerd, except for track 04 mixed by Swordplay.

Artwork by Bill van Cutten

(c) & (p) Swordplay 2019

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