Image of Per Ardua Stabilis 7" picture disc lathe-cut record

Per Ardua Stabilis 7" picture disc lathe-cut record

$10.00 USD

Jason Mann (1981-2018)

Jason WhoisLouis Mann was a beautifully talented, complex musician, poet, husband, father, and friend and his beats and rhymes reverberated exactly that. He was one of the unheralded greats and a veteran contributor to the Indianapolis hiphop scene. In his early years cutting his teeth at battles and open mics, he was part of the Unlevelheaded Emcees. He later went on to complete multiple solo releases as one of the founding artists in the Audio Recon collective. Jason was taken entirely too soon after a long fought battle with spinal cancer.

fAce Side: Harvest Moon (remixed by Dj Gusto)
Back Side: On Delay (Recorded and co-produced by E. Brown Mixed and Produced by Jason Mann)

These songs were selected by Jason to be a part of a series of 7" records that would become his final physical releases to the world.
The fAce side is a melodic reworking of Harvest Moon from his 2011 release, Seldom Scene.
The Back side, On Delay is Jason's final recorded vocal performance, a beautiful tour de force of heart wrecking truth as only J could deliver.

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