Image of Dreadnots - DIY Infinity LP

Dreadnots - DIY Infinity LP

$10.00 USD - $20.00 USD

DIY INFINITY is the first full-length album from the Dreadnots since “The Giant Trips” in 2008. After years of releasing side projects and solo efforts, DIY INFINITY reunites several of the original members (Eric Y., Jeremy C., Davey K., Oblio, and Authentic) on one long-play recording. In a departure from their remote method of producing and recording music across the globe—with band members living in Japan, Denver, and Pittsburgh—this latest release was recorded in-person, during late night spurs of creativity and day sessions in the "ThinkTank" studio in Pittsburgh’s North Side. The Dreadnots stayed true to their DIY methods, stressing the imperfections and raw honesty of all sounds on the recording.

released June 20, 2017

all music by Authentic, Eric Y, David K, Jeremy C
poets: David K & Oblio

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